The Austin/Travis County Sexual Assault Response and Resource Team (SARRT) is a coordinated community response – an established working body and multi-sectoral approach comprising all the agencies involved in the response to post-pubescent adolescent and adult sexual assault victims. These agencies include law enforcement, attorneys, advocates, university programs, prosecutors, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs), and hospitals. The SARRT meets monthly to coordinate services, problem-solve, and work for improved community and systematic response to sexual assault victims and survivors.

The SARRT is currently comprised of 13 member agencies that have signed the Cooperative Working Agreement (CWA), several individual members, and another five to 10 agencies that send representatives to meetings. The SARRT has grown substantially since 2015, and monthly meetings are held for all attendees. Several workgroup and committee meetings are held separately.

SARRT Mission: The mission of the SARRT is to enhance the local response to post-pubescent adolescent and adult sexual abuse and assault by ongoing coordination among the agencies charged with responding to these crimes.

SARRT Vision: SARRT members envision a community in which response to sexual violence includes offender accountability through successful investigation and prosecution and justice for victims according to their definitions.